5 Ways to Ask for Help as New Parents


This may the easiest and simplest solution for many new parents. Parents should always seek the advice of others whether it is from their own parents, partner’s parents, or merely just from family or friends. When forming your new family, most families go through the same hardships. You may feel like this is an unusual experience, and that no one could relate to your situation; however, many families do have their own problems, and it is just not brought up in regular conversation. Following popular influencers like the Kardashians juggle four kids, look great, and have a full time job might be daunting, but they have the support of a big family as well as hired help. You may find speaking simply with your close family and friends will give you the support you need. A small ask like babysitting may be all you need for your piece of mind.


You may not be keen on opening up to people for help, or you may not have family or friends near you to ask for support. This is why reading is so important, and probably what led you to this article. Don’t worry you are in good hands. Reading allows you to hear about parenthood problems from all walks of life. You may even learn some new tricks and tips along the way. For instance, many parents like reading autobiographies or short articles from their favorite bloggers.


Resources come in all shapes and sizes. It might be an online meal kit, or a delivery system to replenish new diapers every week. You may feel like you are running to the store every day, but in today’s world, it may be simpler to use services that offer free two day shipping straight to your doorsteps. Something like small deliveries to your home may make all the difference as a new parent.  If you feel like this would cause financial burden and added stress to your family, then you can consider other options like free organization templates on popular media platforms like Pinterest. This may help prevent you from visiting the store as often.


If you use social media, you may have seen a post or two from a parent asking for help with their children. Most recently, a mother posted wondering if her followers had any experience with children’s allergies. She posted a question on her Instagram and Facebook story “Has anyone’s child have these allergies before?” These common questions get answers that you may have not thought about before. Many parents actually prefer interacting with other parents online, as it is not as intimidating. 


Sometimes, for more serious questions, you may want to contact your pediatrician or local pharmacists for help. Pediatricians deal with children for a living so they are well equipped in answering your questions. If your mental health is in jeopardy, you may want to book an appointment with a therapist. Most insurances cover these appointments and they can also be virtual right from your home. An hour a week with your therapist may do wonders on your mental health and give you the clarity you need as a new parent.