Could New Incentives for Covid Vaccinated New Yorkers Protect the Health of All?

When the vaccine became available to the public early this year, slow vaccination rates came as a surprise to most. Despite the scientific evidence of the health benefits of the Covid-19 vaccination, many worried about potential side effects and chose to forego the vaccine entirely. As a result, many cities and private companies have created incentive programs to help drive up vaccination rates. New York’s incentives are the latest in a string of attempts to move toward herd immunity against Covid-19.

Covid-19 Vaccine Incentives for New Yorkers

New York City is offering an incentive program for people who choose to get their first vaccine at qualified locations. The incentives include cash as well as passes to popular NYC attractions and sports. People can choose one of the following incentives:

  • $100 pre-paid debit card
  • NYC Ferry 10-Ride Pass
  • New York City Football Club tickets
  • Statue of Liberty and accompanying ferry ticket
  • Brooklyn Cyclones tickets
  • $25 gift card to NYC Public Markets
  • 2-week membership to Citibike
  • Annual membership to Public Theater
  • Free ride on the Cyclone at Luna Park in Coney Island and a family fun wristband
  • Family membership to Snug Harbor

How It Works

The incentive program may be enticing enough to motivate people to get the vaccine, though there are some qualifications in order to qualify. New Yorkers must choose to get their first vaccine dose from a New York City-run vaccination location, or by utilizing the city’s in-home vaccine program.

To book an appointment, you can visit and select any site that lists “$100 incentive available,” or call 877-VAX4NYC.

If you’ve already been vaccinated at a qualifying site, you are still eligible for the inventive – visit for more information. Even if you didn’t get vaccinated at a qualified site, you may still be eligible for incentives. If you were vaccinated by NYC Health + Hospitals, you can read more about redeeming your incentive here.

Additional Incentives for New Yorkers

Organizations can benefit by referring people in their communities through the NYC Vaccine Referral Bonus program. For each person an organization refers who gets vaccinated at a City-run site, it can receive a $100 credit. The program focuses on encouraging faith and community-based organizations to ask the people in their neighborhoods to get vaccinated. Referrals must select which organization referred them when they make the appointment or when they walk up. A referral organization can be credited up to $20,000.

All New Yorkers who have been vaccinated, regardless of vaccination location, can get a 20% discount on merchandise at the CityStore or participate in giveaways from Shake Shack, Crunch Gym, and Krispy Kreme.

Across the U.S., vaccine incentives have included free childcare, rides to vaccination sites, food, drinks, and entries into lotteries for money and scholarships. Private companies are also offering incentives to their employees, including sweepstakes and paid time off. Whatever the incentive is, the programs are pushing us toward our goal of 70% vaccination and better health for all.