What Post-Pandemic Life Could Look Like

Life after the COVID-19 pandemic has been on the minds of millions since the virus struck, affecting millions of families, businesses, and our day to day lives. As of now, experts say that it is unlikely the disease will ever disappear and more likely that it will be akin to the influenza virus. 

Cases have begun to drop in the US as more and more people are becoming vaccinated and experts are expecting the pandemic to move into an endemic phase, meaning the virus will always be present but in manageable levels. “It’s likely that it will become endemic because people carry it without knowing or showing symptoms, and some people have diminished immunity that will continue to make them susceptible even post-vaccination,” stated CEO of Todos Medical, Ltd., a COVID-19 testing and screening company.

The speed at which the virus mutates is one of the biggest concerns that researchers are faced with as they try to mitigate and control its spread. Experts and researchers are finding the coronavirus mutations harder to track and predict in the same way they do for the flu making it difficult to decide if and how frequently one might require a booster shot. Dr. Jill Foster, a pediatric infectious disease physician at the University of Minnesota Medical School and M Health Fairview said, “one bad variant that spreads easily, causes severe disease, and evades vaccine, and we’ll be set back months,” in regards to COVID-19 control.

Our day-to-day lifestyles have been changed and affected in order to live with the virus, these changes are likely to stay. Wearing masks and social distancing, even avoiding or being more cautious in engaging with physical contact with others are habits that expert foresee remaining as a part of our culture. 

The dawn of work-from-home lifestyles and Zoom meetings, from therapy appointments and doctor check-ups to at-home news anchoring. These occupations are beginning to solidify themselves in our workplace, making the home a place that must look presentable to be on display. Because of this, more and more people are investing in at-home workspaces and home decor Even dating can be affected, with potential mates discussing COVID vaccine status with one anotherー flings and one-time hook-ups may also decrease as people’s fears for contracting COVID-19 have grown. 

Airlines and flying have also been affected; those changes are likely to stay too. Expect to continue seeing social distancing on airlines, less food and drink being offered, and a back-to-front boarding pattern being used to reduce the spread. Proof of vaccination may also begin to be a requirement when travelling, especially internationally. 

With whatever changes have ensured because of the coronavirus, it is important to always be adaptable and keep up to date with the information provided by the CDC to remain informed on how to best protect yourself.